Regular RatesCash Discount
Small run, 48 sq. ft.$26.00$24.00
Large run, 68 sq. ft. (for dogs over 50 lbs.)$31.00$28.00
Two dogs sharing run$44.00$40.00
Three dogs sharing run$60.00$55.00
Four small dogs sharing run$70.00$65.00
Single cat unit$13.00$12.00
Double cat unit$21.00$19.00


Nature Walk or Playtime

Regular RatesCash Discount
Short Walk/Playtime$7.00 per$6.00 per
One dog Walk/Playtime$11.00 per$10.00 per
Two dogs playtime$17.00 per$16.00 per
Three dogs playtime$24.00 per$22.00 per
Four dogs playtime$30.00 per$27.00 per

Pool Time

Regular RatesCash Discount
One dog$11.00 per$10.00 per
Two dogs$17.00 per$16.00 per
Three dogs$24.00 per$24.00 per
Four dogs$30.00 per$27.00 per


Regular Rates
Nail trimming$12.00 per
Bath (nails, ears, brush)$24.00 and up
Groom (bath, trim / cut)$32.00 and up
Shed-Lessadd $10.00 - $15.00
Pickup / drop-offstarting at $15.00