Brizes Kennel is your pets home away from home. Feel confident that your dog and cat are safe while you are away by letting them relax and play in our top-rated facility.

Dog Boarding

Brizes Kennel has 130 individual boarding runs in four separate buildings. The run has two parts, the indoor area is were your dog eats and sleeps and the outside area is for exercise. The indoor and outdoor sections are separated by a guillotine window which we control. The inside is well ventilated during the warm months. During the cold months the inside is heated with forced air and radiant floor heat. Our outside runs are completely covered by roof so your dog is protected from both rain and sun. In warm weather your dog has access to his or her outside area all day. In cold weather he or she has access frequently depending on temperature and breed of dog.

Food is included, but if you wish to bring your own please separate into daily feedings or original bags no larger than 10 lbs. Feel free to bring treats, toys or bedding from home, just no comforters please. Do not bring dishes. Stainless steel dishes are provided. For your convenance we have pick-up and delivery Monday through Friday.


130 individual boarding runs


4 separate buildings

Pet bowl

Indoor eating and sleeping


Outdoor area for playing

Dog Activities

Keep your pet in shape in both mind and body. At Brizes Kennel, your dog will enjoy a romp in the countryside, with daily activities. We offer Nature hikes, Play time and Swimming.

The facility has 75 acres of hills and meadows as well as 5 fenced play yards and an outdoor dog pond complete with a waterfall, brook, wading area and 4-foot deep swimming area. Your dog will have the place all to himself, or his home companion dog, for 30 minutes, supervised by a staffer.

One-on-One Time

Does your dog thrive with a little bit of personal attention? For a small fee, each dog can enjoy quality time with a staff member who will keep a watchful eye on them. Feel confident that your dog is getting all of the attention he or she deserves.

Keeping Your Dog Safe

Your dog’s happiness and safety are important to us. We never put strange dogs together in our play areas! We know that can be a recipe for disaster. Only dogs that live together will play together when staying at Brizes Kennel.

Cat Boarding

The cattery consists of single and double climate controlled units. ( We do not use wire cages ) Cats are usually not social with other cats. Our units are solid between the cats so they can’t see each other but are visibly open into the room. Each unit has its own resting shelf area and is equipped with a litter box and bowls. Each cat receives individual attention and can play outside his or her unit with an attendant.


Single or double units


Cozy resting shelf


Always Fresh Litter boxes


Individual food bowls