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Good manners start here

"No, no, bad dog!"


Are you beginning to think that's your dog's other name? Let Brizes Kennel help nip those bad habits! We offer the Cerniga method dog training, where dogs learn to respect you, not food. Using physical and vocal reinforcement, you can curb the worst habits.


We'll address behaviors such as jumping, pulling, aggression (depending on the situation), shyness, walking on and off leash and more. Call Deidre Cerniga directly at 412-384-6445 to book a session for your dog.

Success at home

All breeds and ages

All breeds of dogs ranging from ages as young as 4 months to mature 7 year-olds benefit from this method of training. No treats or toys are used – only physical and verbal praises – to teach your dog to respect you and not food.


There are no group classes and your dog receives individualized attention and training depending on his or her personality.

Classes offered at Brizes Kennel are:


• Basic obedience on-leash

• Advanced obedience off-leash


Your dog receives multiple sessions per day. Upon pick-up, you're given a FREE private lesson to show you how to reinforce the training at home. If needed, you receive unlimited support in order to ensure success.

Diedre Cerniga and Cesar Millan